Ex-CEO of SU-155 Group to face another charge

Ex-CEO of SU-155 Group to face another charge
Alexander Meshcheryakov

Alexander Meshcheryakov is accused of a particularly large fraud.

The SU-155 CEO is suspected of involvement in embezzlement of funds invested by housing equity holders, since during construction of the apartment buildings the company failed to do the required paperwork, including as much as obtaining a permit for the construction itself. Despite the serious claims, both the Prosecutor's Office and the defense considered the arrest an excessive measure.

However, on September 13, the Tverskoy District Court decided to imprison Alexander Meshcheryakov. The lawyer of the entrepreneur confirmed to Kommersant that his client was indeed in custody, but declined to comment any further.

The party to the defense considers the arrest unreasonable, since the charge is related to business activities, which, according to the Criminal Procedure Code, makes the arrest illegal. The Prosecutor's Office did not agree with the verdict either and appealed to the Moscow City Court.


SU-155 Group was once the leader in the Russian building construction industry and the backbone organization of the country, before being declared bankrupt in 2015.

Two years ago, the SU-155 CEO had another tax evasion charge: 210.5 million rubles ($3.6m). Soon the case was closed, as all the tax claims had been repaid. The new charge against Meshcheryakov is related to unfinished construction projects in Moscow. Apartments of six zones in the capital were on sale without the required documentation. The company did not have construction permits, registration of land ownership, and the apartments were being sold with 19 different kinds of contracts, none of which complied with Federal Law No. 214 on the protection of equity holders.



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