Ex-CEO of RAS jailed for 1.5 years over embezzlements

Ex-CEO of RAS jailed for 1.5 years over embezzlements
In spite of the fact that Sergey Fedotov handed over his accomplices, he was the one, who got a term within the case on embezzlements in Russia Authors Society

Sergey Fedotov is found guilty of large scale swindle.

The Meshchansky Court of the capital sentenced former CEO of the Russian Author's Society (RAS) Sergey Fedotov to one and a half year of colony under article Swindling committed by organized group, or on especially large scale or an entailed deprivation of the right of a citizen for premises (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) on Monday, June 19.

As it is said in the case papers, Fedotov is incriminated damage of 297 million rubles ($5.1m) at swindle with the property of RAS. During the investigation, it was established that in April 2012 Fedotov deceived members of author's Council of RAS. He submitted for discussion with members of the council a question of the need to create CJSC Service and Operational Company and to transfer to fixed assets of firm four rooms in the center of Moscow. In a year this property was brought out of assets under false contracts.

In August of last year, Sergey Fedotov made a deal with the investigation, admitted his guilt and agreed to ‘hand over’ his accomplices. Among them, there were: deputy head of the All-Russian intellectual property organization Aleksander Sukhotin and director of the Russian union of owners Andre Krichevskiy.  

As for alienation of the real estate belonging to RAS, this, on Fedotov's assurances, was a necessary measure for repayment of debts to banks in which he together with accomplices obtained the interest-free credits on the security of the real estate. He also listed the banks with which they ‘worked’. Among credit institutions there were: Moscow Transbank, Regional Development Bank, Transportny and Interkommerts, later the Central Bank deprived their licenses.

After Fedotov told about the existing criminal scheme, criminal case concerning him was submitted from Investigative Directorate of the Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across the Central Administrative District to Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow. It is remarkable that Fedotov was the only one who was made responsible, while Krichevskiy and Sukhotin are not connected to the case even in the quality of witnesses. Also, the investigator did not emit in separate production materials concerning unidentified persons who were also involved in the criminal scheme.



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