Ex-anchor of Chas Suda TV show scams MIA general for $23k while in jail

Ex-anchor of Chas Suda TV show scams MIA general for $23k while in jail
Vladimir Reznik

Vladimir Reznik faces a new prison term for fraud.

Vladimir Reznik (Oreshnikov), former Chas Suda (‘Time for Trial’) TV show anchor, investigated for fraud now faces new fraud charges. Valery Nazarov, Reznik's jail cellmate and an MIA Major General, accused Reznik, Rosbalt wrote.

Nazarov claims Reznik made friends with him and took advantage of information Nazarov gave him against Nazarov. Among other things, Nazarov mentioned to Reznik wanting to serve his sentence in Nizhny Tagil prison for former police officers infamous for being 'welcoming' of its inmates. Reznik said he could make it happen if paid enough money, Nazarov claimed.

Reznik then said he had contacted his acquaintances at the Federal Penitentiary Service and asked Nazarov for 1.5 million rubles ($28 thousand). Nazarov's family handed the money.

The Dorogomilovsky District Court gave Nazarov a 3.5-year custodial sentence in spring 2017. However, Nazarov was to serve his sentence in Kirovo-Chepetsk prison, where it is very hard to get permission to be released on parole. That was when Nazarov filed his complaint.

It is worth mentioning that Nazarov was also convicted of fraud for promising a Moscow businesswoman to help her avoid prison for 25 million rubles ($395 thousand). However, the police arrested him when he was taking the first 10-million-ruble ($158 thousand) installment.

As for Reznik, the FSB arrested him in October 2011. Back then, his last name was Oreshnikov and he still worked as an attorney. He was accused of having regularly taken large sums of money (more than 20 million rubles or $316 thousand) from his client Sergey Slobodyanik, promising to get him out of trouble with the police. However, he did nothing. Moreover, it turned out then Oreshnikov's law diploma was fake, which got him disbarred.

Oreshnikov served two years and changed his last name to Reznik once out of prison. He scammed another client for 3.6 million ($57 thousand) rubles a while after. The Nagatinsky District Court gave him a 7-year custodial sentence in spring 2018.



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