Ecoprombank ex-head may be extradited from Cyprus to Russia

Ecoprombank ex-head may be extradited from Cyprus to Russia
Andrey Tuev Photo: Kommersant

At home, Andrey Tuev is accused of abuse of power and embezzling funds from a credit institution.

The Russian Prosecutor General's Office filed a request for the extradition of former Chairman of the Board of the Ecoprombank JSC (Perm) Andrey Tuev, which would be reviewed by the District Court of Larnaca on December 15. Kommersant recalled that in July, Tuev was charged with Abuse of Authoruty, resulting in grave consequences (part 2 of Art. 201 of the Criminal Code) and Embezzlement on a considerable scale (part 4 of Art. 160 of the Criminal Code). He was then put on the federal wanted list, and soon afterwards — on the international wanted list.

Investigators believe that while Tuev was the chairman of the board, he employed various schemes, replaced liquid assets totaling 673 million rubles with liabilities of organizations and individuals with an unknown solvency. In addition, as a result of transactions on purchase and sale of closed-end mutual funds, the bank's balance sheet developed receivables in the amount of 2.6 billion rubles.

Moreover, Tuev was previously accused in withdrawing about 250 million rubles from the bank by concludng loan agreements with a front company. Also, his name appeared in the criminal case on abuse of authority against the deputy chairman of Ecoprombank, Vadim Manin. Acting against the interests of the organization, he canceled guarantees from 32 apartments, which had been pledged as collateral by Magnit-Invest LLC for the loan of 260 million rubles issued by the bank. The company belonged to one of the co-owners of the bank, Vladimir Nelyubin.

Law enforcement established that Tuev first fled to Moscow, and from there — to Riga. He was subsequently found on Cyprus, where his family resides. At the moment, local law enforcement officers seized the ex-banker's passport and banned him from leaving the country. Until recently, Tuev has been on bail. However, according to a source of the media outlet, he violated its terms and was placed in custody by court order.

Tuev headed Ecoprombank since 1999 up until the credit institution was deprived of the license in 2014. The MIA General Administration in the Perm region is currently establishing the elements of crime under Art. 196 of the Criminal Code (Intentional Bankruptcy) in the actions of former Ecoprombank executives.



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