Moscow region Duma member dead set against dumps detained for extortion

Moscow region Duma member dead set against dumps detained for extortion
Maksim Uvarov

Criminal case against the parliamentarian is opened.

Maksim Uvarov, a member of A Just Russia party and a Duma member of Ruzskoy district in Moscow region, is suspected of extortion on an especially large scale. The parliamentarian is detained, reports Ruza24 with reference to its sources.

The Duma member was taken with the mainour - he received money from a local entrepreneur who had his own business in Ruzskoy district in Moscow region. 

Interestingly, Uvarov was dead set against dumps that were going to be built on the spot. This is being noticed by Ekosila50 Telegram channel. The authors note that the parliamentarian’s detention looks a lot like a “small-town provocation.” 

“This is exactly the same way how the citizens of Solnechnogork eliminated an irreconcilable Svetlana Dolgova.” The author writes. 

Uvarov had been actively opposing the project on the complex of advanced refining near the village of Shchelkanovo that was in public hearing the day before in Ruza. There is a temporary damp over there, as well. It was opened because Yadrovo and Khrabrovo had been overladen. 

Uvarov’s detention coincided with a resignation of a head of Ruza urban district Maksim Tarkhanov who announced it today, on November 2. It was him who was the lobbyist of the new polygon in Shchelkanovo - the fact he is being strongly criticized for by the locals.  

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