Dzerzhinsk Deputy Head suspected of embezzling $1m

Dzerzhinsk Deputy Head suspected of embezzling $1m
Alexander Kabanov

This money was allocated for the conservation of the dumps of Beloe More chemical charters.⁠

In Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Deputy Mayor Alexander Kabanov was detained on suspicion of misappropriating 65 million rubles ($1m) of budget funds. This money was allocated for the conservation of the sludge collector Beloe More.

According to the investigation, in 2012 the Dzerzhinsk administration concluded an agreement with Sibur-Neftekhim on the transfer of Beloe More dump (92 hectares of landfill of chemical waste) to the city's balance. According to the terms of the contract, the former owner had to co-finance the conservation of the sludge collector. In August 2013, the company through the subsidiary structure Oka-Polymer transferred 77 million rubles ($1.2m) to the administration's account. Around a major municipal contract for the conservation of the landfill, a lot of scandals, trials of contractors in the Federal Antimonopoly Service and criminal cases arose. As a result, the regional authorities took the duties of the customer from the Dzerzhinsk administration. And in 2014 the industrial park Oka-Polymer was bought by the company Tosol-Sintez of Valery Artamonov. The new owner demanded to return the unused money back, which the administration did. An agreement on the repayment of funds was signed by official Alexander Kabanov, who at that time temporarily acted as the Head. In the municipality of Dzerzhinsk reported that in several tranches the city returned Oka-Polymer 65 million rubles. In this return of funds, the investigation saw signs of a crime.

"The administration did not allow misappropriation of funds. We did not use them at all, but we returned the money to the sponsor," said Alexander Markov, the spokesman for the city administration.

On the eve the siloviki conducted searches and seized documents in the office of Alexander Kabanov and in the finance department. And the official himself was detained.

Meanwhile, head of Oka-Polymer Valery Artamonov said that he had no complaints against the authorities.

"I do not understand at all: who is a victim here. We did not suffer, the administration did not suffer. Why are these searches conducted, when you can simply request all the documents, and they will be sent? Budget accounts are all transparent," Valery Artamonov commented to Kommersant.



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