Developer Babel who released on bail fled to Israel

Developer Babel who released on bail fled to Israel
Mikhail Babel

Honorary developer is put on the international wanted list.⁠

According to Kommersant, Mikhail Babel, the owner of a large construction holding company and former vice-president of Glavmosstroy, was arrested in absentia for 2 months. At this measure of restraint the investigator of the Moscow region's MIA Central Board insisted at the Tverskoy Court of the capital.

Honorary developer of Moscow Babel was detained in November last year. He was charged with a particularly large fraud, and the court authorized his detention. Babel spent five months in jail, and then the court released him on bail of 10 million rubles ($173.100). And he flew from Moscow to Israel. According to the investigation, he is there now. The developer was put on an international wanted list. The arrest in absentia was needed just in order to send investigative materials to Interpol.

Mikhail Babel is accused of involvement in large-scale theft in the amount of 21 million rubles ($363.500) from four co-investors and not putting into operation a residential complex in the village of Marfino outside Moscow. The owner of the NBM holding concluded agreements with buyers of apartments in the residential complex, which is being built "in the area of ​​the village of Marfino, Odintsovo district, Moscow region". Shareholders invested "money in the project, but the houses were never built," the case reads. Note that in the materials of the investigation there are only four victims mentioned and the amount of damage is 21 million rubles. At the present time, the Arbitrazh Court declared Babel bankrupt.

Mikhail Babel is a famous person in the construction business. Once he announced the construction of luxury housing on the Sofiskaya Embankment of the capital opposite the Kremlin, but the land was bought by another company. Also recently it turned out that he is one of the largest debtors of Peresvet Bank.

Lawyer Pavel Gorelov considered the measure of restraint for Babel unreasonable, as "being on bail, he could also go abroad," notifying the investigation about this. "This was done," the lawyer told the journalist of Kommersant. Another lawyer noted that his client was not hiding from the investigation. "The investigation knows his address well," he said. The lawyer explained that Mikhail Babel left for Israel in connection with the death of his parents who lived there. As for the charge brought against the developer, Gorelov considers him unproven, stressing that Mikhail Babel "did not sign or seal agreements with the plaintiffs." According to the lawyer, they could not identify the businessman during the face-to-face interrogation. And the investigation as a whole, according to the lawyer, is illegal, since the conflict with interest holders refers to "civil-law relations" in which the police "interfered".



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