Deutsche Bank cranked monetary machinations for high-ranking Chechen

Deutsche Bank cranked monetary machinations for high-ranking Chechen

The Moscow branch of the bank pursued mirror operation for the washing off money.

The Moscow office of Deutsche Bank conducted mirror deals in favor of some high-ranking Chechen, reported the journalist Ed Cesar of the edition The New Yorker. The essence of the fraud was to conduct parallel operations with the help of Russian and offshore companies. The aim of these measures was the transition rubles to foreign currency and hiding it abroad. The journalist said that customers, involved in such transactions, were brought by the manager Sergey Suverov in 2011. Also, in machinations there were involved the broker Igor Volkov and traders Dina Maksutova and Georgy Bouznik, which were covered by their chief American Tim Uizvell. The newspaper said some of the staff of the London and Moscow offices were aware of the transactions.

The journalist described the exemplary transaction chart: funds, submitted by Igor Volkov, placed the paper of the stock market, then Deutsche Bank carried out at the request of broker transactions on behalf of Russian and registered it in the offshore company (which, in fact, belong to the same person). Firstly, for rubles it was bought shares of companies from Russia, then those shares were sold for the currency of the offshore company. The cost of one such transaction amounted about 10 million dollars. Earlier, the edition Bloomberg reported that such a scheme was organized for the benefit of Rotenberg brothers, but the source of The New Yorker this information did not confirm. Similar manipulations were carried out since the early 2000s to reduce taxes for importers.

Sergey Suverov, currently working in the BC-Savings, agreed to comment to the newspaper Vedomosti. According to him, the bank was satisfied with his work, and claims did not arise. In addition, Suverov said he was not familiar with Igor Volkov.

Recall that in 2015 an investigation began into the Moscow branch of Deutsche Bank. The staff of the branch were suspected of conducting money-laundering operations. According to The New Yorker, several employees of the bank lost their jobs, including Tim Uizvell, Dina Maksutova and Georgy Bouznik. In addition, it became known about a major restructuring of the branch.



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