Details of criminal case of Ex-Head of RusHydro Yevgeny Dod  

Details of criminal case of Ex-Head of RusHydro Yevgeny Dod
Yevgeny Dod

The former Head of the RusHydro Yevgeny Dod and his alleged accomplice, the Chief Accountant of the company Dmitry Finkel will stay in custody at least until August, 22. Dod and Finkel got behind the bars after being charged with giving themselves a multimillion-dollar bonus, the size of which amounted to more than 73 million rubles.

According to investigation, in 2013, Dod with Finkel stole 73 million rubles belonging to the RusHydro company which, at the time, owned the large stakes in a number of companies: RAO Energeticheskiye Systemy Vostoka OJSC, Yakutskenergo OJSC and Dalnevostochnaya energeticheskaya campaniya OJSC. At the beginning of 2013, portfolio of shares of these companies valued at about 20 billion rubles, but in December, due to exchange quotations the shares lost in value and were worth almost 8 billion.

Dod himself certainly knew about it because he had the audit data.

Nevertheless, the Head of "RusHydro" hid the news from the shareholders of the company and said that the net profit of the year amounted to more than 35 billion rubles, while in fact it has decreased due to the depreciation of the shares of a number of companies to 28 billion rubles.

Despite the financial difficulties of the RusHydro, Dod with the help of his accountant Dmitry Finkel has paid himself a special bonus for his performance in 2013 in the amount of 353.21 million rubles, improperly inflating the amount of remuneration for not less than 73.2 million rubles.

According to the information which is now specified by the investigators, Dodd was able to get much more money for his work for the RusHydro. According to Kommersant, the former manager had to be paid a bonus of 1% of the net profit of the OJSC, and, in addition, other special payments. If this data is confirmed, the amount of illegally remuneration obtained by Yevgeny Dod may exceed 350 million rubles, and the remuneration of a number of his subordinates - 20 to 30 million rubles.

On the arrest of the former RusHydro manager the senior investigator at the Head of IC, the Major General Rustam Gabdulin insisted. He initiated the criminal case against Dod under the p. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code: fraud in large scale.

The Head of the Main Investigations Directorate of the IC, Colonel Ruslan Miniahmetov, who very concisely presented the prosecution's position to the court, asked the court to arrest Dod’s alleged accomplice.

Evgeny Dod did not plead guilty, but for some reason has agreed not only to fully repair the damage, but also to pay a deposit of 78 million, in order not to remain in custody.

Finkel also does not consider himself guilty and his lawyers insist on house arrest or bail of their client. However, the Basmanny Court of Moscow has decided not to change the measure of restraint because that the accused may destroy the evidence or discredit the investigators with the help of their official communications. Moreover, the investigators received information from the FSB that Dod and Finkel were planning to flee abroad. Both have external passports and savings sufficient to live in Europe. As it became known to the investigators, Dod’s wife together with a small child are living in Italy, his son lives in the United States, one of his daughters resides in Switzerland.

Among other things, the FSB reported that Finkel thought about moving abroad after the RusHydro received official requests for financial and other information on bonuses in 2013.

According to the FSB, Yevgeny Dod, preparing to escape, began to sell his cars. In addition, the former Head of RusHydro paid special attention to ensure that electronic data storage devices and other documents that could confirm his illegal activities were destroyed. Judging by the documents announced in court, they tried to destroy the evidence also right at the RusHydro. Dod’s accomplices helped him to do that, their names are not yet known to the investigation.

Дмитрий Финкель

The lawyers of the accused asked to hold the closed hearing, trying to explain this requirement with the fact that on the eve the investigators took their subscription on the secrecy of preliminary investigation. The court upheld the position of the investigation and refused the request on the grounds that no secret information will be discussed during the hearing.

The reports on Yevgeny Dod’s bank accounts shares of the RusHydro, and the real estate owned by him were deposited. In general, only the Russian assets of Evgeny Dod were estimated by the IC at 1.5 billion rubles, and it was in autumn of 2014, exactly when he received the allegedly illegal bonus on his bank account.

Dod is confident in his own innocence. At the hearing, he said that carried on business in the regular way and honestly performed his duties, and "there wasn’t and couldn’t be any joint criminal enterprise", says Kommersant.

The defendants’ lawyers consider that there are clear shortcomings in the investigation. For example, the secret witness Ivanov who worked in the RusHydro testified in the case. His wage, as it turned out, was not scaled up for 8 years, and the protection considered that the purpose of this witness was to stipulate the defendant.

The lawyers asked to deposit the documents about Yevgeny Dod’s awards, namely the Orders of Honor and "For Service to the Fatherland" IV degree, as well as an extract from the house register of a residential building on Bolshaya Yakimanka, where the relatives of the Ex-Head of the RusHydro live.


At the end of the meeting, in addition to the request to change the measure of restraint, the lawyers asked for bail. The defender and the judge agreed on 78 million rubles, but it was only a formality, both Dod and Finkel were put in a confinement cell.



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