Deputy head of Tatfondbank's board placed under detention by court

Deputy head of Tatfondbank's board placed under detention by court
Vadim Merzlyakov, deputy head of Tatfondbank's board of directors Photo:

Vadim Merzlyakov is suspected of embezzling funds of depositors, transferred to the asset management TFB Finance Investment Company.

The Sovetsky Court of Kazan has arrested Deputy Head of Tatfondbank's board of directors Vadim Merzlyakov for two months, until April 2. Thus, the court has not granted the defense motion on releasing the suspect on bail of 2 million rubles or placing him under house arrest.

In addition, lawyers asked to consider that Merzlyakov's son has health problems, therefore, the top manager's wife is often forced to be on sick leave.

The deputy head himself does not plead guilty, arguing that he had not supervised the asset management's means and tried to alleviate the situation up until the last moment. According to him, he was involved in the negotiations on the financial rehabilitation of TatfondbankIn addition, he noted that he was not a TFB Finance employee.

Let us recall that, as previously reported by the CrimeRussia, the court had arrested Director of TFB-Finance Investment Company Timur Valshin, as well as TFB Finance's Head of Customer Operations in the securities market Rustam Timerbaev, for two months.

The story roots from the moment the police started receiving statements from citizens claiming that the management of TFB-Finance Investment Company embezzled their savings, which had been stored on Tatfondbank accounts and were later transferred to the investment company's trust management. As a result, the MIA have initiated a criminal case under 'Swindling committed on an especially large scale' of the Russian Criminal Code. According to preliminary calculations, the estimated loss to victims is more than 90 million rubles.



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