Deposit Insurance Agency revealed $680.000-shortage in Tatfondbank

Deposit Insurance Agency revealed $680.000-shortage in Tatfondbank

The receiver finished inventory of the property of the financial organization.

The Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) announced results of the inventory carried out in the ‘burst’ Tatfondbank. By the receiver's estimates, the shortage riches 40,9 billion rubles ($677 thousand). 

It is noted that about 65% of this sum is a payment under the signed economic contracts, assignment agreements and also incomplete calculations, 15% - unconfirmed debt on the credits, 20% - unconfirmed debt on the security papers considered on balance.

The DIA emphasizes that the search of the lost property continues. In particular, the agency submits claims for collecting debt on the credits.

To recall, according to the investigators, in August 2016 managers of Tatfondbank provided fictitious information on the existence of a highly liquid asset to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for receiving credit and subsequent embezzlement. As a result, the bank received 3 billion rubles ($49 thousand) from the Central Bank, which were later transferred into accounts of the organizations affiliated with Tatfondbank.

Earlier deputy chairmen of Tatfondbank Sergey Meshchanov and Vadim Merzlyakov, head of TFB Finance Timur Valshin and his subordinates Rustam Timerbayev and Ilnar Abdulmanov were detained within this criminal case. 

The Central Bank revoked the license of Tatfondbank on March 3. Before, temporary administration of the staff of Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) worked in the bank since December 15, 2016. 



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