Defendants in Kirovles’s case Petr Ofitserov hospitalized in Moscow

Defendants in Kirovles’s case Petr Ofitserov hospitalized in Moscow
Entrepreneur Petr Ofitserov

As the lawyer said, Ofitserov went to the reception to the doctor, but his condition rapidly deteriorated. As a result, it was decided on an emergency hospitalization.

The second person involved in Kirovles’s case Petr Ofitserov is hospitalized, according to TASS referring to entrepreneur’s lawyer Svetlana Davydova.

According to the human rights activist, the Ofitserov’s health rapidly deteriorated on the way to the reception to the doctor, so he was taken to a nearby hospital. Which problems with health Ofitserov has, she did not specify.

Earlier, on Monday, it became known that the court decided to deliver Alexey Navalny and Petr Ofitserov in Kirov by a compulsory attendance to the meeting on February, 1, because both of them did not attend the hearing on Monday, January 27, without a valid reason.

In turn, the lawyer argues that she contacted over the phone with a representative of the court and warned about Ofitserov’s absence for health reasons.

"However, she did not provided any documents to the court," the court stressed out confirming the fact of the call.

Recall that July 18, 2013 the Kirov’s Leninsky court found Navalny and former head of Vyatka Forest Company Petr Ofitserov guilty of Kirovles’s property embezzlement. Both were sentenced to probation, but in late 2016 the Presidium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on the basis of the ECHR’s verdict overturned the guilty verdict against Navalny and Ofitserov and sent the case file for reconsideration in the court of Kirov in connection with newly discovered evidence.



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