Defendant in case of Putin’s residence reports $30 thousand missing after search

Defendant in case of Putin’s residence reports $30 thousand missing after search
Andrey Kaminov

According to Andrey Kaminov, the former Director of FSUE Ateks, the amount of funds withdrawn from him differs from that indicated in the documents of the investigation.

Andrey Kaminov, ex-Director of FSUE Ateks, accused in a case of creating a criminal community and embezzling 1.5 billion rubles at the construction of the residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Novo-Ogaryovo, told the Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) about the disappearance of 30 thousand dollars and 500 thousand rubles ($7.4 thousand) seized from him during a search, RBC reports.

Kaminov wrote a statement addressed to the Chairman of the ICR Alexander Bastrykin. It is about a search that took place on the day of his detention on March 21, 2017 at his mother’s house in Istrinsky district of the Moscow region. According to the accused, then his personal savings in the amount of 8.5 million rubles ($127.4 thousand) and 890 thousand dollars belonging to his father, received as a result of the sale of an apartment, were seized.

When reading the materials of the criminal case 1.5 years later, Kaminov discovered that the documents indicated smaller amounts - 8,003,580 rubles ($120 thousand) and 860 thousand dollars. He refers to the ruling of the Basmanny Court on the arrest of his property as of August 21, 2017, acts of acceptance and transfer of funds, protocols of their crediting to the ICR account, checks, receipt orders and other papers.

The statement of Kaminov says that since the withdrawal of funds on March 21, 2017 to placing them on the personal account of the ICR 30 thousand dollars and 496 420 rubles ($7.4 thousand) got lost. He asked the Chairman of the department to check investigators and FSB officers engaged in operational support during the search for involvement in the theft.

“Since the funds seized at the time of the search were not recalculated on the initiative of the persons conducting the search, I can conclude that the missing amount was lost exactly during the search and the persons involved in this search are guilty of the theft,” the businessman stated.

The investigation considers the former Head of FSUE Ateks affiliated with the Federal Guards Service, Andrey Kaminov, as participant in the embezzlement of 1.5 billion rubles ($22.4 m) during the construction of the Reception House in the residence of the President of the Russian Federation Novo-Ogaryovo in 2014–2015. According to investigators, the embezzlement occurred as a result of the actions of an organized criminal community involving FSO officers Igor Vasilyev and Dmitry Ulitin, owner of BaltStroy Dmitry Mikhalchenko, General Director of the company Dmitry Sergeyev and the leaders of subcontractors. Unlike most defendants in the case, Kaminov does not plead guilty, has not entered into an agreement with the investigation and is under arrest.



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