Defendant in Amzina case demands terminating other defendant’s deal due to vodka and amphetamine

Defendant in Amzina case demands terminating other defendant’s deal due to vodka and amphetamine
Anzhela Amzina

Lawyers of businessman Anton Bordovskikh insist that the testimony given by businessman Dmitry Dvoynykh is false, since previously he had twice been treated for drug addiction.

A strange new twist in the high-profile case concerning real estate scam, pulled by investigators of the Main Administration of MIA in Moscow together with a number of businessmen. According to Kommersant, defense of one of the defendants, namely Director General of Avrora IFC Anton Bordovskikh, requires the Prosecutor General’s Office to terminate the plea agreement concluded with another defendant in the case – Director General of Din-Telekom CJSC Dmitry Dvoynykh – and discontinue the criminal proceedings against his client. The defense of the person suspected of embezzling more than 40 apartments insists that accusations against Bordovskikh are only built on Dvoynykh’s testimony. According to lawyers, Dvoynykh’s words need to be assessed critically as Director General of Din-Telekom had previously underwent treatment for drug addiction. The appeal to the Prosecutor General’s Office says that the doctors who had performed forensic psychiatric examination testified that since 2012 Dvoynykh had been daily using amphetamine with vodka for a long time. At the same time, according to the narcologists, the patient was ‘deceitful’ and tried to ‘present himself in a better light.’ Bordovskikh’s lawyers insist that Dvoynykh is still ‘inconsistent in his actions, as well as clearly downplays his role in the creation, organization and functioning of the organized crime community,’ making businessman Bordovskikh ‘feel responsible for the crime committed.’

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, when examining the crimes in the sphere of housing construction committed by Energostroykomplekt-M CJSC, ICR Main Investigations Directorate investigators in Moscow Sergey Kavun and Evgeny Primakov under the leadership of Anzhela Amzina decided to cash in on the apartments provided by the government of Moscow as part of assistance to affected interest holders. The police officers had engaged the real estate developers – Director General of Avrora IFC Anton Bordovskikh, Director General of Din-Telekom and Head of Energostroykomplekt-M CJSC Investment Department Dmitry Dvoynykh, and others – into their crime group. They agreed to add unidentified people indicated by police to the list of defrauded investors. After processing, the data of each new 'victim' was sent to Moskomstroyinvest, and then Amzina confirmed the authenticity of the documents presented to the Department of Regional Security of Moscow, and the government allocated an apartment to the fictitious interest holder, which he later privatized and sold.

Thus, Dmitry Dvoynykh was caught red-handed when receiving part of the money from a scam with another apartment. In total, Amzina’s group has managed to illegally take possession of 44 apartments in Moscow worth more than 199.4 million rubles.

To date, most of the defendants in this case have completed familiarization with the materials of the investigation.

The former investigators are accused of organizing a criminal community and participation therein (Art. 210 of the Russian Criminal Code), and swindling (part 4 of Art. 159), whereas Primakov is charged with Bribe-Taking on an especially large scale (part 6 of Art. 290) and falsification of evidence in a criminal case (part 3 of Art. 303). Their accomplices-businessmen are accused of Swindling on an especially large scale (part 4 of Art. 159).



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