Declared internationally wanted Kubantorgbank co-owner released on 1 mln euros bail

Declared internationally wanted Kubantorgbank co-owner released on 1 mln euros bail

The court forbade Alexander Yarchuk to leave Vienna as long as his extradition question to Russia is not solved.⁠

The Viennese court released the co-owner of Kubantorgbank and Graviton construction company Alexander Yarchuk from prison. The bail amounted to 1 million euros. According to Kommersant, Yarchuk was arrested in his apartment in Vienna on charges of the large-scale embezzlement of belonging to the company Rosneft Tuapse refinery funds.

A year ago, Alexander Yarchuk was arrested in absentia by the Essentuki municipal court, since 2015 the Russian banker is declared internationally wanted through Interpol.

At the Vienna city court hearing the local Prosecutor insisted on the arrest of the detainee Yarchuk. However, having studied the documents submitted by the Russian Prosecutor General's Office the judge decided that the Yarchuk's extradition question can be resolved without placing him in the pre-trial detention center. The court banned the entrepreneur to leave Vienna. The bail is amounted to 1 mln euros. Approximately the same amount of taxes, according to the investigation, the Graviton company did not pay in 2013 (Alexander Yarchuk is the co-owner of the company).

Meanwhile, as reported by Kommersant, the arrest and search activities were a complete surprise for Yarchuk.

According to his lawyer Andrey Grivtsov, the banker was in Vienna for treatment and the address of his residence was known to the Russian law enforcement agencies.

Recall, criminal cases related to the embezzlement of the Tuapse refinery funds were opened in the autumn of 2015 by the MID ICR in the North Caucasian Federal District. The reason was the appeal of the new plant management. According to the investigation, the organizer of the 137 million rubles theft was the former Vice-President of the state corporation Rosneft for capital construction Andrey Votinov, who led the Tuapse plant in 2012-2013.

During the investigation ICR officers found that the construction company did also not pay taxes in the amount of 33 million rubles. This fact was a reason for initiating the criminal case under Art. 199 of the Criminal Code, within which Alexander Yarchuk was wanted.

The banker's lawyer claims that his client has nothing to do with tax evasion and has not given any orders on this issue.



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