Daughter of authoritive businessman Aleksandra Mikhaylova detained for swindling 

Daughter of authoritive businessman Aleksandra Mikhaylova detained for swindling
Sergey Mikhaylov

Sergey Mikhaylov has been trying for many years now to prove he is not Mikhas and has nothing in common with an organized crime group Solnstevskaya.

Aleksandra Mikhaylova, a daughter of a ‘high-powered’ businessman Sergey Mikhaylov (aka Mikhas) - who had, according to some reports, been a leader of Solnstevskaya organized crime group before - has been detained in a criminal case under item 4 of article 159 of Russia’s Criminal Code (Swindling committed by an organised group or on an especially large scale). She has been placed in detention. According to Rosbalt with reference to its sources within law enforcement, the case is related to a formed head of Naro-Fominsky district and a current member of Moscow region Duma Aleksander Baranov.

The investigation theory is that Mikhaylova fraudulently received tracts of land in Naro-Fominsky district that had earlier belonged to the regional forestry administration. The Mikhaylovs’ residence is located in this district.

Meanwhile, some of the Rosbalt sources familiar with the situation believe Baranov whose last name is mentioned in the case is the one who suffers losses. After the official stood down as head of the district in 2014, first he became an adviser of Moscow region’s Governor (ministerial rank), and now he is a chairman of Committee for governmental authorities issues and regional safety of the Moscow region Duma. Now, Baranov is allegedly running for an upper post. 

Александр Баранов

Aleksander Baranov

The Mikhaylovs’ family mansion had been earlier mentioned in the context of searches carried out there in 2002. Once, during the searches, Mikhaylov was hit on the head with a gun butt by a fighter of the Special Rapid Deployment Force (also known as SOBR). Then, law enforcers visited his house as part of investigation of a criminal case related to abduction of one of the head officers of the largest car dealer VAZ Anatoly Nureev.

In May, 2002, his car with a driver Panov at the wheel was stopped in Naro-Fominsk by people wearing police uniform. He was taken to an unknown destination. They have not been seen ever since.

Mikhaylov became one of the suspects due to the fact that police investigators found that shortly before, he met Nureev at his office in the hotel Central House of Tourist in Moscow. Moreover, the investigators assumed Mikhaylov could have had ties with a businessman Vitaly Koreysha who had a conflict with Nureev - he was trying to get back shares of Gagarin-Lada company that had earlier belonged to him by arbitration, however lost all lawsuits.

The Prosecution Service of Naro-Fominsk had repeatedly questioned both Mikhaylov and Koreysha, however the case on Nureev’s abduction was closed, due to the fact that “identity of a person who could be accused was unknown.”

Mikhaylov had repeatedly appealed to courts because of mentioning of Solnstevskaya organized crime group. With that, in autumn, 2017, the court ordered a leader of the opposition Aleksey Navalny to delete an article where Mikhaylov was called “a leader of Solnstevskaya organized crime group.” Mikhaylov’s action against RBC was not considered by court. The businessman maintains that the Solnstevskaya organized crime group does not exist, because it’s not registered.

Moreover, in 2016, Mikhaylov used his right to be forgotten and requested Yandex and Google to limit displaying search results upon requests “Sergey Mikhaylov Mikhas,” “Sergey Mikhaylov Mikhas Solntsevo,” “Sergey Mikhaylov Solntsevo,” and the alike of them.



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