Dagestan Derbent district head suspected of four murders

Dagestan Derbent district head suspected of four murders
Magomed Dzhelilov

Magomed Dzhelilov was previously detained for large-scale embezzlement.

Magomed Dzhelilov, Head of Derbent district of Dagestan arrested for embezzlement, may face new charges. In particular, the official is suspected of involvement in four murders, writes Telegram-channel Baza.

According to preliminary information, the two murders in question were committed in the early 2000s. Two citizens of Azerbaijan were kidnapped and then killed in Derbent. One of the defendants in the murder case was Dzhelilov's brother, but in the end the story was hushed up. Now, investigators reopened the old case and believe that the official was also complicit in the double murder.

Magomed Dzhelilov is also to be charged with the murder of businessman Arsenali Daudov - he was blown up in a car. Daudov was engaged in the supply of vegetables from Azerbaijan to Dagestan and neighboring regions. His interests intersected with those of Dzhelilov.

The fourth victim was chief doctor of Derbent regional hospital Nesyur Osmanov, who, according to the investigators, lent Dzhelilov 12 million rubles ($185.6 thousand). In 2015, the official refused to pay the debt and, after some negotiations, killed the lender, law enforcers believe.

As The CrimeRussia wrote earlier, on May 20, the court refused to satisfy the defense's motion and left Magomed Dzhelilov in custody on charges of embezzlement. The files of this case say the official transferred 3 hectares of land, the market value of which is estimated at 20 million rubles ($309.3 thousand), to his relatives for free. The incident occurred in 2015.



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