Dagestan: bailiff suspected of embezzling $ 38,000

Dagestan: bailiff suspected of embezzling $ 38,000

The Federal Bailiff Service employee allegedly transferred money from the directorate’s accounts to his friends’ bank cards.

The ICR suspected the deputy senior bailiff of the Kayakentsky District Directorate of the Russian Federal Bailiff Service for Dagestan of stealing 2.5 million rubles ($ 38,000) and initiated a criminal case against him. The suspect allegedly illegally transferred money from directorate’s deposits to bank cards of his acquaintances, the press service of the FBSreports.

The suspect wrote off the money from the deposit accounts of the Kayakentsky and Kaytagsky District Directorates from 2014 to 2017, after which he cashed it out. Employees of the anti-corruption department of the FBS took part in exposing the crime.



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