Criminal case initiated against CEO of Orthodox Church-associated bank

Criminal case initiated against CEO of Orthodox Church-associated bank
Vyacheslav Barmin (to the left)

Vyacheslav Barmin, the Ergobank Chairman of the Board, is suspected of withdrawal of 780 million rubles.

It took Ministry of Internal Affairs about a year to finally initiate a case against the former head of the commercial bank. Vyacheslav Barmin is currently under house arrest.

It was last February that the first news came that Barmin got 780 million rubles in cash just before the bank’s license was revoked. The Central Bank revoked Ergobank’s license on January 15, 2016 due to the total loss of capital. However, Barmin, who owned 23.5% of shares, failed to pass any documents regarding the transaction to the interim administration. That’s when the Central Bank sent all the information on suspicious transactions of Ergobank former management and owners to the Prosecutor General's Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Investigative Committee.

The main controller said they had never heard of withdrawal cases with such a substantial sum and the whole thing must have been about concealing a shortage.

Now, after the checks results, the investigation believes that Barmin had hushed the money withdrawal and inflicted a serious damage to the Agency for Deposit Insurance.

Among other things, Ergobank used to render services to the Russian Orthodox Church that was even planning to buy the bank’s controlling stake when it started to experience financial difficulties. Later, the Church denied the claims though.



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