Court won’t release ex-Deputy Head of Rosgeo on $150k bail

Court won’t release ex-Deputy Head of Rosgeo on $150k bail
Ruslan Gorring

The court left the former deputy head of Rosgeo, who promised to “bend everyone over backwards,” in the pre-trial detention center.

The Moscow City Court has rejected a complaint about the extension of the arrest for former First Deputy Head of Rosgeo, Ruslan Gorring, accused of swindling. By court decision, he will remain in custody until October 31. The defense asked to release Ruslan Gorring on bail of 10 million rubles ($150k) or to transfer under house arrest, TASS reported.

Deputy Head of Rosgeo Ruslan Gorring, who is accused of swindling, was fired from all posts after a scandalous video. A game stream from Twitch, in which Deputy Head of Rosgeo Ruslan Gorring in rather obscene language tells how he will “bend everyone over backwards” and meets with billionaire Leonid Mikhelson, was posted on Telegram.

In the video, Gorring also spoke about his sexual relations with his subordinates. After that, DailyStorm found out that eight years ago, Gorring’s name was Ganizhev; he was busted on mediation in transferring a bribe, escaped from the police to Ingushetia, and changed the last name in his passport.

On March 7, Gorring was detained before flying to Sochi, after which the court arrested the former deputy head of Rosgeo until May 7 in the case of a 5-million-ruble ($74,900) bribe. Gorring was taken to SIZO-5 in the Moscow region.



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