Court transferred consideration of case of IDCG former top-manager from Moscow to Belgorod

Court transferred consideration of case of IDCG former top-manager from Moscow to Belgorod
Former top-manager of IDCG Victor Filatov is being taken out from courtroom of the Basmanny Moscow Court Photo: Primorsky reporter

Victor Filatov's lawyers petitioned for the transfer. Former manager of division of the company is accused of waste of nearly 250 million rubles.

The Moscow City Court left the decision of the Meshchansky Court of the capital without change and confirmed transfer of consideration of the case against the former top manager of Interregional Distribution Grid Company, ex-Deputy of the Belgorod Region Victor Filatov, to Belgorod.

Earlier, Filatov's defense petitioned for it, insisting that the case should be considered in the territory where the expected crime was committed – Filatov is incriminated waste of nearly 250 million rubles when he was on a position of head of Belgorodenergo (branch of the state electro-network monopolist IDGC of Centre).

Filatov and his expected helpers - Alexey Zelensky, Stanislav Milkin, Pavel Tyshchenko and Aleksander Pivovarov are under arrest.

According to the investigators, defendants during 2006-2011 spent 241 million rubles belonging to other branch of IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo. CEO of IDGC of Centre of that time Evgeny Makarov and being his right hand Victor Filatov removed about 300 employees of the divisions of IDGC of Centre which were responsible, in particular, for technical support of offices of the company in under control JSC Korssis.

The Korssis company signed obviously unprofitable outsourcing agreements with branches under which the removed workers were engaged in the same work that they have been doing in staff of state company. Evgeny Makarov absconded, Filatov denies his fault.⁠



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