Court to try case against No. 1 shadow banker

Court to try case against No. 1 shadow banker

Ivan Myazin, the “No. 1 shadow banker” and the creator of the once largest channels for siphoning off cash from Russia, is accused of fraud and embezzlement.

The Podolsky court has received the case file against Ivan Myazin, the “No. 1 shadow banker” and the creator of the once largest channels for siphoning off cash from Russia, who is accused of fraud and embezzlement. The channels operated through Moldova (Laundromat), Deutsche Bank and Danske Bank. The amount exceeds $50 billion.

The indictment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs alleged that Ivan Myazin violated Art. 160 (embezzlement) and Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraudulent embezzlement). The Prosecutor General’s Office submitted the materials to the Podolsky court for consideration; the preliminary hearing has not yet been scheduled. Investigators collected materials evidencing that the shadow banker was a member of the largest money-laundering channels. “Myazin had extensive contacts with law enforcement agencies, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Federal Financial Market Service, which was operating at that time,” witnesses said during interrogations. According to the theory, Russian Land Bank, the Russian Credit, Summit Bank, Deutsche Bank, the Estonian branch of Danske Bank and others participated in the mass withdrawal of funds from the Russian Federation. Ivan Myazin "covered up for the activities of the investment companies in the withdrawal of funds abroad through its relations with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, organized cash flows, the search and involvement of third-party banks and investment companies in this activity.”

According to the case file, Myazin and two other co-owners of the bank - Oleg Belousov (on the wanted list), Alexey Kulikov (convicted) - established companies that attracted cash funds for their subsequent transfer as bribes to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The bribed bank representatives turned a blind eye to the illegal operations with gigantic sums being transported outside the country.

It was found that Myazin, Kulikov and Belousov had acquired “foreign bank CDB located in the Republic of Cyprus" using the funds stolen from the Russian banking sector.

Oleg Belousov, Alexey Kulikov and Ivan Myazin were closely associated with the FSB officers Kirill Cherkalin and Dmitry Frolov, who are now in custody. Moreover, Kulikov and Frolov were close friends. According to investigators, their relations were not just comradely, because enormous amount of money was involved, a significant part of which could have been kept by the counterintelligence workers. A Rosbalt source said that Kulikov and Myazin, who are in the pre-trial detention center, had to talk about their relationship with Cherkalin and Frolov. However, Myazin is extremely reluctant to engage in informal communication; he has not admitted his guilt either.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Promsberbank shareholders Alexey Kulikov, Ivan Myazin and Oleg Belousov, ordered the issuance of fake loans to dozens of one-day firms. That was how 3.2 billion rubles were withdrawn from the bank and ended up abroad. According to the scheme developed by the scammers, after issuing the loans, Promsberbank transferred the rights of claim to subcompany called Oranta. The insurance firm sold the loans to businesses controlled by the defendants that were located in Moldova and the Baltic states. Those non-resident firms demanded that the debtors return the funds through foreign courts; then the money remained outside the Russian Federation.

The investigation of the gigantic laundering channels continues.



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