Court: rights of billionaire Mikhalchenko violated during investigation

Court: rights of billionaire Mikhalchenko violated during investigation
Dmitry Mikhalchenko Photo: Kommersant

The chairman of Basmanny Court intends to return the materials to Prosecutor's Office for elimination of shortcomings.

The Basmanny Court of Moscow might return the case against St. Petersburg businessman Dmitry Mikhalchenko accused of alcohol smuggling for revision to Prosecutor's Office, Fontanka reports.

According to the media, today in court hearing of the case during which the prosecutor read materials of hundred-volume case has taken place. Judge Irina Vyrysheva noted that the court has established essential violation of the rights of two defendants in the case - Mikhalchenko and Boris Korevsky in this connection the case is subject to return to Prosecutor's Office.

The representative of supervising department break in hearings till January 16. Her request was granted.

According to Fontanka, at a stage of preliminary investigation the interests of Mikhalchenko and his assistant on St. Petersburg Forum Holding Korevsky were for some time represented by one lawyer, while positions of defendants essentially differed. The billionaire partially recognized participation in smuggling, the assistant in every possible way denied and refused indications under 51st article of the Constitution.

The collision was passed by the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General’s Office which approved the indictment. The Basmanny Court also did not pay attention to it at once. The process on Mikhalchenko lasts since November the 2017th. Seven hearing have taken place.

To recall, the billionaire was detained in March, 2016. He is accused of organization of criminal group for the purpose of Alcohol Smuggling (Art. 200.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Investigators have assessed the caused damage at 18 million rubles ($317 thousand).



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