Court leaves Colonel Zakharchenko’s father bank accounts and real estate seized

Court leaves Colonel Zakharchenko’s father bank accounts and real estate seized
Viktor Zakharchenko

The Moscow City Court recognized the arrest of bank accounts and real estate of the father of former Head of the Department T of the Main Directorate for Economic Security and Counteracting Corruption (GUEBiPK) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Dmitry Zakharchenko as legitimate.

Earlier, the Basmanny Court arrested the property of Viktor Zakharchenko, who is held in the detention center in the case on embezzlement of MIA Bank's funds worth 261 million rubles ($4.5m). The higher instance left the appeal of Zakharchenko's lawyers unsatisfied, and the decision of the Basmanny Court was unchanged, RIA Novosti reported.

Earlier it was reported that Viktor Zakharchenko had paid MIA-Bank 4 million rubles ($69.8 thousand), which the financial institution had given him as a salary. His lawyer, Denis Kalinin, stated at the court session that the bank had not provided the requisites, but the amount of the damage established in the case had been paid to the notary's account. In connection with this, the defense asked for the removal of the arrest from the property of Zakharchenko Sr.

However, the trial read out the bank's reply stating that the amount of damage was to be set by the court when passing a sentence, so at present payments were premature. At the same time, the injured party also initiated a civil suit for 12.3 million rubles ($214.8 thousand).

It is reported that three accounts of Victor Zakharchenko in Sberbank with 1.1 million rubles ($19.2 thousand) stored on them, as well as an apartment and a land plot, the total value of which is about 260 million rubles ($4.5 m) remain seized. Viktor Zakharchenko himself says that the money arrested in Sberbank is "retirement benefit".

Meanwhile, in May 2017, the lawyer of the accused Vadim Myshlyavkin told Interfax that the court had seized Zakharchenko-Sr's property worth 400 million rubles ($6.9m). In particular, he named three apartments of Viktor Zakharchenko in Moscow - on Michurinsky and Leninsky Avenues and in Khamovniki, as well as two parking slots and a private house in the Rostov region.

The criminal cases of father and son Zakharchenkos are not connected with each other, although Viktor Zakharchenko believes that through his criminal persecution, pressure is exerted on his son.

On October 9, it became known that the Basmanny Court arrested the apartments of the former official wife of the colonel Yana Saratovtseva, his civil wife Anastasia Pestrikova and minor daughter from another civil marriage Ulyana Zakharchenko. Pestrikova is also suspected in the criminal case on swindling for 16 million dollars.



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