Court arrests property of Colonel Zakharchenko’s father worth $7m

Court arrests property of Colonel Zakharchenko’s father worth $7m
Viktor Zakharchenko and Vladimir Koryevkin in court

Three elite apartments in Moscow, a house in the Rostov region and two parking lots have been arrested.

Moscow’s Basmanny Court has arrested the property of retired Viktor Zakharchenko, the father of former Head of the Directorate T of the MIA GUEBiPK Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko.

Vadim Myshlyavkin, the lawyer of the accused, told Interfax that the court seized three apartments belonging to Viktor Zakharchenko in Moscow on Michurinsky Prospekt and Leninsky Prospekt and in Khamovniki, as well as two parking lots and a private house in the Rostov region.

The total worth of the arrested property is 400 million rubles ($7m), the agency said. The attorney stated that the defense intends to appeal the arrest of its client’s property.

According to the Moscow City News Agency, the Moscow City Court will consider the legality of the arrest of Viktor Zakharchenko’s two apartments on June 7. The meeting was postponed until the documents recognizing MMA Bank the injured party are provided, they said in court.

We shall remind that Viktor Zakharchenko was detained in March and accused of embezzlement and complicity in embezzlement of the funds of the Moscow Mortgage Agency, where he had held the post of deputy chairman of the board for two years, according to documents. Zakharchenko Sr. got a salary from the bank without showing up at the workplace. The amount of damage to the bank reached 4 million rubles, according to the investigation. At one of the recent sessions considering the extension of Viktor Zakharchenko's custody, his lawyers said that the accused intended to reimburse the money to the financial institution. Yet, Zakharchenko Sr. still pleads not guilty. Earlier, he stated that he linked his charges to the pressure on his son, who was accused of bribery and abuse of office. However, the investigation argues that the two cases are not connected with each other.

On May 23, the Basmanny Court granted the motion of the prosecution and extended Viktor Zakharchenko’s arrest as well as that of other defendant Vladimir Koryevkin until August 30. Koryevkin, just as the third defendant in the criminal case Sergei Grib, also served as chairman of the board with MMA Bank. The charges against him were brought under the same article as Zakharchenko Sr.’s ones. At the very last hearing, the prosecutor's office suggested putting Koryevkin under house arrest, but the court ruled otherwise.



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