Company affiliated with Ramzan Abdulatipov proven to be guilty of fraud

Company affiliated with Ramzan Abdulatipov proven to be guilty of fraud
Erast Mataev

MIA investigators launched a fraud investigation against a company where Erast Mataev, a former advisor to the Dagestan head, used to work as the CEO. The former public official found himself amid a scandal after he beat a woman on the Stary Arbat Street (Moscow).

The MIA discovered that Muromenergomash had committed fraud, according to RBC. Erast Mataev was the Muromenergomash CEO at the time. He is a former politician and advisor to Dagestan head Ramzan Abdulatipov. There are no suspects yet.

Mataev signed a contract between Muromenergomash, the largest Russian manufacturer of electricity pylons, and AKstroy in April 2017, according to investigators.

The buyer paid 165m rubles ($2.6m) but received only 126m rubles ($1.9m) worth of products. The Muromenergomash management caused about 30m rubles ($475k) worth of damage to the buyer, according to investigators.

Erast Mataev is a former politician and public official. He was an advisor to Abdulatipov who was the head of the Russian National Policy Ministry at the time. He also worked as a Presidential envoy for cooperation in the Caspian region. In 2015, he became an advisor to Abdulatipov when the latter was the Dagestan head. Mataev retired and reportedly owns Voenkomplekt specializing in real estate management.

However, Mataev is mostly infamous for his attack on a woman in Moscow. The Moscow resident would not let Mataev's BMW park on a sidewalk on the Stary Arbat Street. The former politician beat the woman and smashed her smartphone. The police launched two criminal investigations – for beating and deliberate destruction of property – against him.

Mataev initially claimed this never happened. Later he claimed that he got scared of the people that surrounded his car and "panicked." He eventually decided to pay 50k rubles ($800) in emotional distress damages to the victim and publicly apologized to her reading from a paper. The criminal investigation was stopped since the case was settled out of court.



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