Colonel Zakharchenko's friend released

Colonel Zakharchenko's friend released
Dmitry Zakharchenko

The court released Galina Marchukova, the former top manager of Nota Bank.

The sentence of another acquaintance of Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko has been softened. The court released the former Nota Bank top manager, Galina Marchukova, who had been convicted of embezzling 350 million rubles.

The court sentenced her to three years and four months in a general regime colony. In addition, Marchukova had to pay a fine of 700 thousand rubles. The case was considered in a special procedure because she had pleaded guilty.

On July 22, Galina Marchukova’s sister, the former financial director of Nota Bank, Larisa Marchukova, was released. She had testified against Zakharchenko.

Earlier, the other persons involved in the case had been sentenced. The former chairman of the bank, Dmitry Yerokhin, as well as his brother and former deputy Vadim Yerokhin got 8.5 and 6 years, respectively.

Fortune teller Nona Mihai was also involved in the criminal scheme. She was sentenced to 3.5 years in a general regime colony and a fine of 800 thousand rubles.

As The CrimeRussia said earlier, the Nota Bank case is connected with that of Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko. According to investigators, in January 2016, he warned his acquaintances Larisa and Galina Marchukova about upcoming searches at Nota Bank, where they both worked, and recommended that they hid documents related to frauds at a company named Electrozavod.



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