Colonel Zakharchenko's common-law wife released from temporary detention

Colonel Zakharchenko's common-law wife released from temporary detention
Anastasiya Pestrikova

The ICR has chosen not to arrest the mother of two. Anastasiya Pestrikova was detained in Samara when attempting to fly to Cyprus. Yesterday, the Basmanny Court confirmed the ICR filing a request for her arrest on suspicion of $16-million swindling, however, neither Pestrikova herself nor the materials in her criminal case were brought to court.

The Investigative Committee of Russia has changed its mind about putting Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko's common-law wife Anastasiya Pestrikova in custody and released her, as a source in law enforcement bodies told RIA Novosti

According to the publication's source, Pestrikova has been released from the temporary detention facility at the expiry of the time limit for her remand in custody.

To recall, yesterday, Press Secretary of the Basmanny Court Yunona Tsareva first confirmed the court receiving a request from the ICR for electing arrest as a preventive measure for Pestrikova, and later told Moskva News Agency that no materials in her criminal case had been referred to the court. Neither had Anastasiya Pestrikova been brought to the court, which renders the consideration of the request impossible.

Colonel Zakharchenko's common-law wife, who brings up his child (or, according to some sources, two of his children), was detained in Samara airport on September 28 when registering for a flight departing to Cyprus. Pestrikova was detained as part of the criminal case of swindling, in which she is a suspect. According to the RIA Novosti’s source in law enforcement bodies, the ICR suspects her of an attempt to embezzle $16 million from her friend Liliya Gorshkova. Earlier, this amount was blocked on the accounts in VTB24 as part of the case of Colonel Zakharchenko. The accounts had been opened in the name of Gorshkova, but in the Moscow City Court back in May, when Zakharchenko’s lawyers tried to contest the arrest of $16 million, Anastasiya Pestrikova said that the money belonged to her father, an entrepreneur. Dmitry Zakharchenko did not support her version, saying that it was Liliya Gorshkova who owned the specified amount of money.

Former Acting Head of the MIA Main Directorate for Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Department 'T' Dmitry Zakharchenko is in a pre-trial detention center on charges under three articles of the Russian Criminal Code, namely 285 (Abuse of official powers), 290 (Bribe-taking), and 294 (Obstruction of justice and the preliminary investigation). After the colonel was detained in September 2016, a large amount of money in foreign currency, equivalent to 8.5 billion rubles, was found and seized from one of the apartments owned by his family. Colonel Zakharchenko’s father, Viktor Zakharchenko, is also under investigation for alleged embezzlement of MIA-bank’s 4 million rubles ($69.5 thousand).



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