Colonel Lamonov's lawyer confesses to swindling being pressurized?

Colonel Lamonov's lawyer confesses to swindling being pressurized?
Lawyer Olga Lukmanova represents interests of Colonel of the Investigative Committee Alexander Lamonov

Olga Lukmanova claims that she had to sign recognition of receiving money under the pressure of the Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) investigators, who force her to withdraw from the case of high-ranking investigators.

The lawyer of Alexander Lamonov, the detained Deputy Head of the Main Directorate for Interdepartmental Cooperation and Internal Security of the ICR, stated that she gave confessions of receiving money from one of her clients under the pressure of the investigator.

Kommersant reports that Olga Lukmanova was detained on February, 28 by officers of Department M of the FSB Directorate of Moscow and the Moscow Region. She was taken red-handed at the time of transfer of 800 thousand rubles ($13.8 thousand) from her client – local police officer of capital MIA Department Izmailovo Timur Sagatov. In total Lukmanova was supposed to receive 4 million rubles ($60 thousand), which allegedly were meant for a bribe to the investigator to close the criminal case of her client.

Investigators of Izmailovsky interdistrict department of the ICR of Moscow established that Police Lieutenant Sagatov had entered into an intentionally illegal contract with a mentally challenged man and took possession of his apartment in Perovo district. The police officer agreed to settle the matter with money, but appealed to the FSB. Perhaps this way he wanted to have a grudge against the investigator who led his case. However, as now the investigators assure, Lukmanova did not intend to transfer the money received to anyone, for which her actions fell under Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling).

It is interesting that they did not arrest the lawyer. The sanction to initiate a criminal case against a special subject, to which lawyers belong, could only be given by the Head of the ICR, Major-General of Justice Alexander Drymanov. However, those days he was on a sick-list and did not appoint anybody in his place. The FSB had to release Lukmanova. A week later, General Drymanov signed a statement to open a criminal case, and Lukmanova was taken to the ICR Department in the North-West District of Moscow. There she pleaded guilty, but then disavowed her words, saying that she was under many hours of “pressure from the investigator of the ICR”. They did not put the lawyer in custody again, having limited to a written undertaking not to leave the place.

Initially Olga Lukmanova told journalists that there was no such story, but then she began to make statements that she was the victim of blackmail. Allegedly her criminal prosecution is an attempt to withdraw her from the case of Alexander Lamonov.

"They tried to force me to persuade Lamonov to give confessions, and then tried to get me out of the criminal case", – Lukmanova said.

Senior officials of the ICR were arrested in July 2016. According to the investigation, Head of the ICR Main Directorate for Interdepartmental Cooperation and Personal Security Mikhail Maksimenko, his Deputy Alexander Lamonov and Deputy Head of the ICR in Moscow Denis Nikandrov for a bribe of 1 million dollars agreed to organize the release of one of the close to Shakro Molodoy thieves Andrey Kochuykov (Italianets), arrested in the case of extortion and shooting at Rochdelskaya Street in Moscow.

It should be noted that despite the criminal prosecution of the lawyer, Colonel Lamonov does not refuse from the services of Olga Lukmanova. She also remains a defender of police officer Sagatov, who ratted her out to the special services. 



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