Civic Chamber member arrested in Vologda on swindling charges

Civic Chamber member arrested in Vologda on swindling charges
Boris Hanchalyan

A member of the Russian Civic Chamber Boris Hanchalyan, who is suspected of major swindling, has been arrested in Vologda.

On Friday, a member of the Civic Chamber Boris Hanchalyan was arrested In Vologda, the Russian Investigative Committee reported. Hanchalyan is suspected of Swindling on an essentially large scale.

Investigators believe that the suspect has promised protection for a businessman in exchange for a bribe. The member of the Civic Chamber offered to assist the businessman in concluding the contract for cutting wood with a forestry agency. However, according to the report, Hanchalyan had no authority to fulfill the promise. The investigators found that on July 20, the suspect received a bribe of 2 million rubles as the first payment. The second half of the sum - 800 thousand rubles - was promised after the conclusion of the contract.

Upon reviewing the data, the court decided to arrest the detainee for two months. Boris Hanchalyan was arrested while getting marked bills. Later there were reports about searches conducted in the official’s apartment in Vologda and his residential building in Gryazovets.⁠



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