Chief investigator from Berdsk sentenced for swindling with drug dealer’s Mitsubishi

Chief investigator from Berdsk sentenced for swindling with drug dealer’s Mitsubishi
Aleksey Zorin and his sidekicks

Aleksey Zorin and two of his former colleagues found themselves to be participants of a scam with Mitsubishi.

Berdsk city court has sentenced a former chief investigator of the city department of MIA and a head of the investigative department Aleksey Zorin to 2 years in a colony with a general regime for swindling and malfeasance.

Besides that, court sent two of his former colleagues Bogdan Kravchuk and Ivan Moshchenko to a colony. Moshchenko is going to spend 2 years behind bars, Kravchuk - a year and 10 months, reports NGS. As the accused pleaded guilty, the case was considered according to special procedure.

Zorin and his sidekicks are determined to have convinced a drug dealer (who was detained) into selling him Mitsubishi Outlander at a low price - 400 thousand rubles ($6.3 thousand). After that, he sold the foreign car to used car dealers and earned around 600 thousand rubles ($9.5 thousand) on that. The three split the profit.

According to the expert’s report, the real price for the car was more than 1.5 million rubles ($23.7 thousand).

Besides that, it was found out during the investigation that Zorin and his sidekicks had seized more than 40 thousand rubles ($633) and a bank card from the drug dealer’s car and embezzled it all - instead of including it to the criminal case.

As a result, Zorin was sentenced under article item 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Swindling committed by an organised group or on an especially large scale).

Moshchenko was found guilty of embezzling of funds and forgery by an official, Kravchuk - legalization of funds. Kravchuk got a 30 thousand rubles ($475) fine for the latter instance.



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