Chelyabinsk Region Deputy Minister of Culture caught in major scam

Chelyabinsk Region Deputy Minister of Culture caught in major scam
Yana Komissarova

First Deputy Minister of Culture of the Chelyabinsk Region Yana Komissarova has been taken into custody for 2 months. The senior official is now a defendant in a criminal case under art. 159 para. 3 of the Russian Criminal Code (fraud).

Yana Komissarova was detained as early as June 24, the media reported. On June 29, the Central District Court satisfied the petition of the investigator to detain her. She is going to spend the next two months in jail. Komissarova’s lawyer insisted on a milder preventive measure - a house arrest or bail, but the court sided with the investigation.

The investigators claim that Komissarova was involved in fraud with a tourism development program in the Chelyabinsk Region in 2015-2017. The money for that program was allocated from the regional budget. The official appropriated 1 million rubles from the treasury.

In turn, a spokesman for the Chelyabinsk Region Governor, Dmitry Fedechkin, noted that now was not the time to draw conclusions and exercise judgment regarding the case of Komissarova. He said that it was better to wait until the end of the investigation.

Yana Kommisarova came to the Ministry of Culture in 2011, and received the office of the deputy minister. In May 2016, she was appointed first deputy. Prior to that, she worked in the tax police and drug control of the Chelyabinsk region as a detective and senior detective.



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