Chelyabinsk official and policeman pull scheme getting $28.300

Chelyabinsk official and policeman pull scheme getting $28.300
Rashit Bagautdinov

A village Deputy Head and a local police officer registered a municipal apartment in an assumed name. Subsequently, the criminals sold the property, and split the profit.

Rashit Bagautdinov, the former Deputy Head of Magnitka village (Kusa district, Chelyabinsk region) and a former police officer Vyacheslav Mukhametgalin committed a scam with municipal real estate to get 1.6 million rubles ($28.300). The local investigation authorities have charged Bagautdinov and Mukhametgalin with Swindling (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

Investigators believe that between 2014 and 2015 Bagautdinov (then deputy head of Magnitka administration) ordered to illegally prepare documents that would allow a villager to participate in the program of resettlement from dilapidated housing. Officer Mukhametgalin was the one who picked a suitable candidate for the fictitious participation. The official and the law enforcement officer managed to formalize the ownership of the municipal apartment and then sell it for more than 1.6 million rubles. The accomplices split the money.

The local department of the FSB of Russia revealed the crime.

The prosecutor motioned for custody for Bagautdinov and Mukhametgalin; the court granted the motion. Investigative actions aimed at collecting and consolidating the evidence base are being conducted.



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