Cashiers, who stole 24 billion rubles from Admiralteisky Bank, to face trial

Cashiers, who stole 24 billion rubles from Admiralteisky Bank, to face trial
About 24 billion rubles were cashed out through Admiralteisky Bank

Several members of the gang, engaged in illegal banking activity, pleaded guilty.

The Russian Prosecutor General's Office approved the indictment in a criminal case against two members of the organized crime group which illegally withdrew 24 billion rubles through the Admiralteisky Bank. According to Kommersant, the accused Renat Shabanov and Alexander Filoyan for their services received more than 545 million rubles as commission.

According to the investigators, Shabanov and Filoyan were the perpetrators in a criminal group. They opened and maintained bank accounts, received the relevant statements, supervised the cash received on the accounts of the controlled organizations as well as received cash at the Admiralteisky Bank. Defendants pleaded guilty in connection with which their case will be considered in a special manner. Other members of the gang so far managed to evade justice.

The Moscow Main Investigative Directorate of the Russian Investigative Committee initiated the criminal case on the fact of illegal banking activities (part 2 of the Art. 172 of the Russian Criminal Code) in July 2015. The persons of interest were businessman who had accounts with the Admiralteisky Bank. After the start of the criminal prosecution, the Bank of Russia, in September 2015, revoked the license of the credit institution for violation of laws against money laundering. In addition, the media reported that the Central Bank during the inspections in Admiralteisky found bars of metal painted as if they were golden, but the FSB denied this information.

Members of the criminal group used the standard cash-out scheme. The businessmen under the guise of payment for goods or services transferred the large sums of money to the accounts of front companies controlled by Renat Shabanov, Alexander Filoyan and other persons involved in the illegal activity. After cashing the money minus the fee which amounted to 2.2% the money was delivered to the customers.

One of the defendants in the case informed the investigation about the involvement of the ex-chairman of the bank Nina Maksimenko in the criminal group. The banker repeatedly ignored calls for interrogation, after which she in absentia was charged with Illegal Banking Activity (part 2 of Art. 172 of the Criminal Code), Theft of Property with the use of official position (part 4 of Art. 160 of the Criminal Code) and Swindling on an especially large scale (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code). Currently, Maksimenko is on the international wanted list so the investigation of the criminal case is suspended.



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