Cases on economic crimes against Boris Berezovsky are closed

Cases on economic crimes against Boris Berezovsky are closed

The cases against the disgraced oligarch related to "calling for active insubordination to the authorities and to mass disorders", the FSB continues to investigate.

The Investigative Committee has completed the criminal cases which at different times have been initiated against the Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky who was found dead in a suburb of London in 2013. It is noted that this only refers to the cases involving allegations of swindling and money laundering.

According to Kommersant, in February 2016, Boris Berezovsky’s former lawyer Andrey Borovkov has received a notice from the ICR, which reported that the economic proceedings, initiated against him, were suspended in connection with the death of Berezovsky. This was reported to the title by Berezovsky’s defender. Borovkov also noted that he had no idea about at what stage are now the cases involving political charges, namely of disobeying the authorities and calling for riots.

Among the closed cases there is the high-profile case of 1999 on abuse in the company Aeroflot in which Berezovsky figured as the Head of a criminal group under the Art. 210 of the Criminal Code. After the initiation of proceedings on means money from Aeroflot, Boris Berezovsky was placed on the federal wanted list. Also, according to the lawyer, the case in which the businessman was charged with illegal acquisition of state property in the suburbs - the house and the land area of ​​14 hectares – was dismissed. In 2004, Boris Berezovsky was again put on the international wanted list in connection with the case of misappropriation of public dacha. However, the Prosecutor General's request for Berezovsky’s extradition was turned down again.

In August 2002, the Prosecutor General's Office initiated against Boris Berezovsky and the general director of LogoVAZ Yuli Dubov a case of fraud related to LogoVAZ shares. According to the investigation, in 1994, Berezovsky organized the conclusion of the agreement between JSC AVTOVAZ and JSC LogoVAZ for the supply of 20 thousand VAZ cars. In 2009, for the theft of 140 million rubles from LogoVAZ and AvtoVAZ the court in absentia sentenced the tycoon living in the UK to 13 years in prison, and Yuli Dubov got 9 years in prison. The Prosecutor General's Office appealed to the British Ministry of Internal Affairs with a request to extradite Berezovsky and Dubov to Russia. However, the extradition was denied.

In the dialogue with the Kommersant, Berezovsky's lawyer said that in March 2013 because of the death of the oligarch the criminal episodes with his participation were isolated from cases and discontinued.

At that, the ICR does not indicate that it stopped the political cases against Berezovsky.

In May 2012, the Main Investigative Directorate of the Russian IC initiated two criminal cases in connection with calls to riots against Berezovsky. In one case, Berezovsky is accused of calling for the violent obstruction of the inauguration of the President of the Russian Federation and his access to the Kremlin on May 7 (part 3 of Art. 212 of the Criminal Code).

The second case under the same article was initiated against Berezovsky in connection with posting the text entitled "Open Letter born not in the USSR" on 1 February 2012 on the website of the radio station Echo of Moscow, in which, according to the investigation, the disgraced oligarch urged the public to riot. Later, the text was removed from the station’s website.



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