Case opened regarding 100-million-ruble theft from inheritance of murdered businessman Grigorenko

Case opened regarding 100-million-ruble theft from inheritance of murdered businessman Grigorenko

According to investigators, the impostors forged the businessman’s signature in loan papers and obtained the right to get the amount specified in the receipt through court.

The Voronezh Prosecutor's Office has opened a criminal investigation into the theft of 100-million-ruble inheritance left by businessman Vladimir Grigorenko, who had died in Costa Rica, according to  Kommersant.

Vladimir Grigorenko in late 2013 went to Costa Rica, where his son Igor was engaged in tourism business. Grigorenko Sr. was shot in a hotel in Jaca District. The killer was never found.

The businessman’s widow Irina Korobova and son Igor Grigorenko were his heirs. In total, they got about 100 million rubles. However, shortly after his death, a certain Mr. Kazakov filed a lawsuit to the Anninsky District Court of the Voronezh Region claiming that Vladimir Grigorenko owed him 100 million rubles. The creditor said the businessman had taken the money from a Belarus citizen Evgeny Novoseletsky, who later passed the debt to Kazakov. As proof of his words the plaintiff showed a loan agreement and a receipt dated March 2012. Based on the data provided by the Voronezh center of forensics, judge Viktor Ilyinsky admitted authenticity of the signatures and ruled to satisfy the claim.

The widow of the murdered businessman denied the loan and tried to appeal against the court decision at various levels including law enforcement and federal agencies, but was refused everywhere. The Prosecutor's Office was the only agency that took the story seriously. They have found police examination results, which alternatively showed that the signatures on the documents had been forged. According to investigators, the difference can be explained by the fact that the judiciary workers compared the signatures against the ones provided by Kazakov, while police officers looked at the signatures in official documents, including passport of the deceased. The Anninsky Prosecutor demanded that the police should initiate a criminal case under part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling on an especially large scale), which was done on 19 October 2016.

Judge Ilyinsky, who had confirmed the documents were authentic, denies any wrongdoing saying he based his decision on the conclusion by handwriting experts acting pursuant to the law.



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