Case on corruption in Spetsstroy: investigator arrested after $850 thousand lost from property room

Case on corruption in Spetsstroy: investigator arrested after $850 thousand lost from property room

The money was seized during the investigation.

The former officer of MIA’s Investigative Department Anton Khodko is arrested till November 2 by the Moscow’s Basmanny court decision. This was reported to RBK by the court’s spokesman, spokeswoman Yunona Tsareva. Earlier, he was accused of misappropriation on an especially large scale (item 4 of article 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

In 2016, Khodko was working a case on corruption within the authorities in Spetsstroy (Russia’s Federal Agency for Special Construction). This was reported by Vladimir Starinsky, a lawyer of one of the defendants in the case - Kadyr Karakhanov, Executive Director of PAO Promspetsstroy Grup. 46 million rubles ($701 thousand) in cash, in multiple currencies, were seized from Karakhanov’s house and were supposed to be kept at MIA’s Department for Finance and Economics. However, this amount was being kept at Khodko’s office. According to an RBK source close to the Department, when in the same year, Khodko went on vacation for two weeks, his chief Oleg Bolotov turned the case over to another investigator who received the case without the money and the report about its seizure.

In November, 2017, the Investigative Committee of Russia initiated a criminal case under item 4 of article 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (theft on an especially large scale). Khodko was questioned in the prosecution of the case. Some months later, he took a polygraph test and subsequently was dismissed from the Police Force.

Karakhanov’s lawyer explained that the mitigation of sentence occurred because the investigator could have been accused of theft if he had broken to his defendant’s house without a search or seizure. However, Khodko received the money legally. It was entrusted to him in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Code, however he misplaced it. “That’s why we’re talking about misappropriation.” The lawyer said.

It is to be added that Karakhanov was accused of swindling and giving bribe to former Spetsstroy deputy directors Aleksander Buryakov and Aleksander Zagorulko. Money in multiple currencies was seized from their apartments and safe-deposit boxes of Karakhanov’s family members during searches and seizures. The fact that it had been lost was found out when the case was transferred from MIA’s Investigative Department to the Main Military Office of Investigations of the Investigative Committee.



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