Case 110 million rubles theft by Rosatom subsidiary top manager taken to court

Case 110 million rubles theft by Rosatom subsidiary top manager taken to court
Olga Nikonova Photo: TVEL

Olga Nikonova said during interrogation that she has been an accomplice in a criminal group which participated in embezzlement. Other persons unidentified by the investigation are only the witnesses in the case.

The Prosecutor's Office confirmed the indictment on the criminal case of large-scale Swindling (part 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code) against the ex-Director of the Legal Department of TVEL JSC (a subsidiary of Rosatom) Olga Nikonova.

"The case materials were taken to the Nagatinsky District Court for consideration on the merits, the preliminary hearings will be held next week", Nikonova’s lawyer Maxim Starkov to Kommersant said.

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, the top manager of the Rosatom subsidiary Olga Nikonova is accused of embezzling 110 million rubles at the conclusion of fictitious contracts. She was detained at the end of 2015, when the MIA investigators found that in 2007-2013 she has entered into a number of agreements with the non-existent legal entities to upgrade information systems. The contracts were concluded at inflated prices. In fact, these systems have not been installed in the Legal Department’s. In addition, Nikonova coordinated the signing of financial documents for the transfer of about 100 million rubles on the accounts of the fly-by-night firms, with their further withdrawal from legal trade.

Initially, the investigators were talking not only about the top manager. Because it is hard to believe that Nikonova alone could swing the criminal scheme and withdraw about 110 million rubles from the Rosatom’s subsidiary. However, only she is the only person of interest in the case. According to Kommersant, the criminal case against the unknown persons is separated, but its investigation has stalled.

Nikonova, who is 45-year-old and is currently held in the pre-trial detention center No. 6 Pechatniki, pleaded guilty only partly. Her lawyer Starkov admits that thefts at TVEL took place, but his client was unable to play the key role in this fraudulent scheme.

"She was not responsible of the financial flows: for seven years, the documents were signed by the other person for seven years, and all the contracts were audited by the security service," the lawyer said.

Starkov believes that the investigation demonized Nikonova. And this is despite the fact that she testified against the other participants in the criminal scheme among the management of TVEL. However, they all participate in the case as witnesses.


The TVEL JSC is engaged in development, production and sales (including exports) of nuclear fuel and jointing nuclear and non-nuclear products. The company provides 78 power units in Russia and 13 European and Asian countries, 30 research reactors in the world, as well as all transport reactors of the Russian nuclear fleet with the nuclear fuel. 100% of shares of the JSC is owned by the state corporation Rosatom.




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