Case of compensation for high-ranking Internal Affairs Ministry officers taken to court

Case of compensation for high-ranking Internal Affairs Ministry officers taken to court
Vitaly Bykov

Defendants and 24 more employees, who received bonuses, had their property arrested.

The investigation against former high-ranking police officers, who spent all the remaining money on bonuses for themselves (a total of 19.1 million rubles) has been completed in St. Petersburg. The defendants are the former Head of the Main Department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Northwestern Federal District, Police Major General Vitaly Bykov, his Deputy Alexander Monastyrshin, the Head of the logistic support center Ivan Lozyuk, the Head of financial and economic Department Svetlana Shatova, and the Deputy Head of the conspiration, staff and civil service Irina Burkhanova. They were charged under Part 4 of Art. 160, Part 2 of Art. 292, Part 3 of Art. 30, Part 4 of Art. 159, Part 5 of Art. 33 and Part 4 of Art. 160 of the Russian Criminal Code (Misappropriation and Embezzlement; Official Forgery; Swindling), Kommersant reported.

Moreover, the main defendant, Bykov, is also suspected of trying to steal more than twenty apartments, allocated for police officers in 2014.  

The investigators claim that after the Main Department of MIA for the Northwestern Federal District had been abolished, the management paid bonuses to some employees, spending all of the available money in their possession at the time - more than 19 million rubles. However, Kommersant noted that the money went primarily to senior executives, desk commandos, financiers, and some female employees of the secretariat.

During the investigation, it was revealed that some of the accused had been involved in apartment scams. In 2014, the Nedvizhimost Limited Liability Company and the Main Department of MIA for the Northwestern Federal District signed an investment contract for the purchase of 21 apartments in different districts of the city for employees of the department. All the purchased flats were registered on the relatives and friends of the central board leadership. However, Nedvizhimost employees found that none of the police officers were mentioned in the lists of recipients. After that, the businessmen decided to contact the Federal Security Service (the FSB). Security agents spent a whole year verifying the facts, and in July 2015, the investigation resulted in a criminal case of fraud. This case and the illegal bonuses were combined into one.

Initially, in 2014, a criminal case was opened under Part 2 of Art. 292 of the Russian Criminal Code (Official Forgery that has entailed an essential violation of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens or organizations or of legally protected interests of society or the state).

The official representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office Alexander Kurennoy said that the indictment in this case had already been approved by the Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor Grin. The case was transferred to the Dzerzhinsky District Court of St. Petersburg for examination of the merits.

The defendants’ movable and immovable property were seized. Additionally, the property of 24 more employees, who received bonuses, also had their property arrested.



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