Case against ex-State Duma MP Oleg Mikheev referred to court

Case against ex-State Duma MP Oleg Mikheev referred to court
Oleg Mikheev

The former Head of Volgograd branch of the United Russia Party has yet to sign an indictment submitted by investigative agencies.

However, the police referred the case file to court nonetheless.

It will be the Sovetsky District Court (Volgograd) that will hear the criminal case against the public servant. He is accused of stealing 2.1 billion rubles. At the same time, the former MP rejected the accusations. The case file consists of 77 volumes. It is Judge Natalia Barkova who will hear the case. The date of a pre-trial hearing has not yet been decided.

May we remind you that Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Viktor Green approved the indictment against Oleg Mikheev as far back as in December 2016, as earlier reported by the CrimeRussia. However, the case file could not be referred to court for a long time due to the indictment not being signed by the former civil servant. It is worth mentioning that Mikheev even was put on the federal wanted list at one point.

Oleg Mikheev has yet to sign the indictment, according to a Court spokesperson Artem Terekhin.

“A copy of the indictment was not served to the defendant due to him having repeatedly avoided appearing before the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Moreover, no pre-trial restrictions were imposed on him. This could render the trial even more difficult,” Artem Terekhin told media outlets.

It is also worth reminding you that the case against Oleg Mikheev was opened on March 4, 2013, after his diplomatic immunity was withdrawn. He is accused of breaking the articles 30, part 3 (“Intentional Actions (Inaction) by the Person Concerned, Directed Expressly towards the Commission of a Crime”) and 159, part 4 (“Swindling Committed by an Organized Group or on an Especially Large Scale”) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. He allegedly stole 2.1 billion rubles from the Promsvyazbank Bank. The bank purchased the MP’s Volgoprombank Bank from him in 2008.

After the case was opened against him, Mikheev told media outlets that criminal persecution against him is illegal and that he did not hide from the investigation. It is worth mention that the United Russia branch in the region still recognizes him as their Head and thinks the accusations are groundless.

It is possible the case will be referred back to the Office if Oleg Mikheev does not show up to court hearings, according to a Kommersant source.



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