Businessman Ponomarev who sued with IKEA for $1.75bn debt arrested

Businessman Ponomarev who sued with IKEA for $1.75bn debt arrested
Konstantin Ponomarev

The businessman is accused of knowingly false denunciation, giving false testimony and evading taxes.⁠

The Presnensky Court of Moscow arrested businessman Konstantin Ponomarev, who demanded more than 100 billion ruble ($1.75bn) from IKEA.

The entrepreneur is charged with fraud, knowingly false denunciation, false testimony and tax evasion, RBC reports. It is about the litigation of a businessman from Kubanenergo, which he supposedly provided generators during the energy blockade of the Crimea, but did not receive money for them, and also with IKEA because of the rent of generators for hypermarkets in a furniture company in St. Petersburg. The businessman does not admit his guilt, noting that "he does not understand what his criminal intent is and what is the nature of the crime."

Ponomarev was taken into custody for two months.

As the CrimeRussia previously wrote, the dispute between Konstantin Ponomarev and the Russian representative office of IKEA began in 2008 because of the payment for rent of generators for Mega Dybenko and Mega Parnas in St. Petersburg. In July 2008, IKEA MOS decided to discontinue partnership with Ponomarev, seeing that the amount they pay for renting generators was greatly overstated. So, by 2010, IKEA's debt has reached sky highs. Konstantin Ponomarev, through arbitration, billed the company for 27 billion rubles ($473m). In an effort to avoid scandal, IKEA signed an amicable agreement in November 2010, under which Ponomarev received 25 billion rubles. The agreement presupposed complete refusal of the parties from claims to each other. However, this did not stop Konstantin Ponomarev from demanding another 33 billion rubles from IKEA. Only three years later the court recognized the requirements of the Ponomarev's company Rukon as illegal. However, the businessman's appetites did not stop growing. In January 2017, the businessman said that IKEA should pay him another 98.6 billion rubles ($1.7bn).



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