Businessman giving up police Colonel was detained for swindling

Businessman giving up police Colonel was detained for swindling

A multimillion bribe did not solve the problems of an automobile dealership’s owner – he was detained after right after the head of the investigative unit

Officers of the Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in North-West Administrative District in Moscow detained a co-owner of automobile dealership Renault Andrey Kuchma on suspicion of fraud. The petition for a measure of restraint in the form of house arrest was filed to court. However, Kuchma was left under recognizance not to leave, Rosbalt reports, with reference to a source.

To recall, on September 7th, the Head of the investigative unit of the Administration of Internal Affairs, the Police Colonel Aleksander Soshnikov was detained on suspicion of bribe taking. According to investigating officers, the police officer himself suggested to help businessman to avoid criminal prosecution for 3 million rubles. Andrey Kuchma was connected to the case on fraud as a witness, but he could have become a defendant. Whereas at the end of last year Soshnikov was dismissed from his position of the Head of the investigative unit of the Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in North-West Administrative District and decommissioned. He had even written an application for a retirement few days before his detention. The investigators believe that the former police officer could not influence the investigation; therefore the police colonel was charged with Attempted Swindling on an especially large scale (part 3 of Art 30 and part 4 of Art 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

Today’s arrest of co-owner of LLC AZR Motors Andrey Kuchma after corruption scandal seems like Soshnikov’s revenge. However, after looking through Kuchma’s biography it becomes clear that there really were grounds for initiating a criminal case against him. He was spotted in organization of a fraudulent scheme in car showrooms.

According to The Moscow Post, in December 2014, resident of the Moscow region paid for the purchase of Nissan Almera car in automobile dealership Nissan (LLC AZR Motors Pushkino), located at Yaroslavskoye Highway, 2B. But she did not receive the car, and her money back. Similar situation happened with several others clients of the dealership. Lawyer of the company Aleksandr Davydov, at the meeting with them, began to convince the deceived people that it is senseless to submit claims, because AZR Motors Pushkino have large debts and director Andrey Kuchma did not work their anymore.


Andrey Kuchma (far left)

Therefore, as a solution to the problem the lawyer suggested to receive foreign cars under the signed agreements without originals of vehicle registration certificate. This was the essence of the affair – cars standing in the dealership do not technically belong to the seller (AZR Motors Pushkino), but to its provider (Nissan Manufacturing Rus), which had the cars’ certificates. By that moment Kuchma's firm has already owed Nissan Manufacturing Rus 60 million rubles for the supply of 55 cars. For buyers lack of PTS meant that the car can be owned, but is impossible to use – it is impossible to register and get numbers. But having agreed to the similar offer, the deceived buyers were getting to a trap – from that moment the automobile dealership had no relation to them, and they could make all their claims to the real owners − Nissan Manufacturing Rus.

On the application submitted to law enforcement authorities the acting investigator of Inter-municipal Administration of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Pushkino Oleg Savkin (was later accused under the Article Bribe-Taking on anespecially large scale - part 5 Art. 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) issued a resolution on refusal to Institute criminal proceedings "in connection with absence of structure of a crime".

It is remarkable that there were several similar firms, where Kuchma appeared (in certain cases it were dealers of Renault, in others − Nissan): registered to a one address AZR Motors of Pushkino AZR Motors of Pushkino, MB Pushkino, AZR Motors Yaroslavka, Favorit Avto and AZR Motors Samara. While in Samara, there are two legal persons in similar name registered to the same address.      

In one of them, where Kuchma was a co-founder together with Vladimir Kolinchenko in February of last year problems started. A criminal case upon a fraud was initiated against Kolinchenko. The investigation reports on 90 victims, who in 2014 paid for the car, but did not receive it later. Kolinchenko was blaming wasted Volga Social bank to which the car showroom owed 22 million rubles. But investigating officers found out that AZR Motors took out loans for cars and extinguished them at the expense of new customers. So it was a classical financial pyramid, which Kuchma, changing signs of salons, rolled in different cities of the country.



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