Businessman frightening defrauded Anit-City co-investors with Nodar Rustavsky left the prison

Businessman frightening defrauded Anit-City co-investors with Nodar Rustavsky left the prison
Oleg Georgizov

The victims of fraudulent actions of Oleg Georgizov fear that now he can escape from justice abroad.⁠

The director of construction company Modul-Invest, the head of the Assyrian diaspora in Krasnodar region, who deceived the co-investors of housing complex Anit-City, left the pre-trial detention center. Krasnodar Regional Court changed the measure of restraint to Oleg Georgozov for house arrest.

The head of the building company was released from the remand center in defiance of the request of the state prosecutor to leave him in custody. Deceived interest holders of housing complex Anit-city are afraid that the businessman can leave the country, because when he was detained his foreign passport was not confiscated. 

It should be noted that apart from the change of preventive measures, the lawyers of the head of Module-Invest intend to appeal in the coming days and to ensure the lifting of the arrest from his property.

As The CrimeRussia has previously written, the general director of company Modul-Invest (the developer of the long-running Anit-City) and the leader of the Assyrian diaspora of Krasnodar Oleg Georgizov was taken into custody on May 11. He is charged with part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling). According to the investigation, about 500 million rubles were stolen from the Anit-City co-investors by the company's managers. Victims of possible criminal acts of Georgizov and his entourage were more than 700 co-investors, who invested in construction from 6 to 10 million rubles (~$106.000-$176.000).

The lawsuits between defrauded co-investors and the developer lasted several years. On the part of Georgizov, exhortations as well as direct threats took place - according to insiders in the law enforcement bodies of the Kuban, Georgizov is associated with the well-known thief in law Nodar Asoyan (Nodar Rustavsky). It was reported that his employer often used his name to intimidate deceived investors who sought justice. 

On the eve, on May 23, the apartment of the leader of the group of defrauded co-investors Andrey Shevtsov burned down. The fire began in the afternoon, while Shevtsov was at a court hearing on the high-profile case. The incident, in the opinion of equity holders, can not be an accidental coincidence.

The burning of the apartment did not happen by itself, it certainly has a direct relationship to Oleg Georgizov. We consider this incident as a reconciliation of accounts with those who defend their rights and conduct the most of activity, commented Live Kuban in the initiative group of Anit-city. Now Andrey not only can not get the purchased square meters, but also lost the apartment he lived in recently".

Aid has been organized for Andrey Shevtsov and his family.



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