Browder reports link between Australian banks and money laundered from Russia

Browder reports link between Australian banks and money laundered from Russia
William Browder

Businessman Alexander Perepilichny relaid this information to him before his death.

Millions of dollars, which were obtained by criminal means in Russia and the scheme on withdrawal of which was reported by lawyer of Hermitage Capital Sergey Magnitsky, were laundered in the largest banks of Australia, fund founder Bill Browder stated this in Sunday Night Show on Australian Channel Seven.

According to him, it was Russian businessman Alexander Perepilichny that informed him about this a few years before his death. He told Browder that he had acted as a come-between in some of these illegal transfers and furnished evidence, including bank papers and corporate documents.

From these reports, it follows that 4.7 million Australian dollars (3.5 million US dollars) were transferred to a total of 11 foreign accounts in Australian banks. The recipients of these funds were both private individuals and large companies engaged in the production of aluminum, sheepskin exports or specializing in organizing trips to the Russian Federation.

Most of these companies have ceased to exist by now. Those still operating say that the payments were legal and they had no reason for suspicion.

Among the banks involved in the transfer of funds were the largest credit organizations of Australia - ANZ, Commonwealth, Westpac, NAB, and HSBC. Some banks declined to comment on this; others said they took seriously their obligations to combat money laundering and intended to assist the authorities in the event of an investigation.

Browder himself deems that the banks have shown an insufficient level of diligence when processing transfers. The Head of the fund requires the Australian authorities to launch an investigation into the possible connection of local banks with the money laundering case. To this end, he passed all the documents he had to the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (AUSTRAC), an intelligence agency fighting money laundering.

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