Bribetaker in case of Mon Platin cosmetics detained in Moscow

Bribetaker in case of Mon Platin cosmetics detained in Moscow

In Moscow, the Federal Security Service officers have detained a man who extorted 3.5 million USD from a representative of the Israeli cosmetics company Mon Platin in Russia, Roman Goltzman.

According to police, the detained turned out to be Yuri Vasilyev. In exchange for the required amount, he promised to solve the problem with the criminal case of swindling, which had been instituted against Roman Goltzman in 2013 by the Main Investigation Department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow.

During the investigation of this case, law enforcement authorities arrested two managers of the Israeli company in Russia - Roman Allaev and Oksana Kiykova.

It was established that this company's cosmetics were sold in beauty salons across the country. Law enforcers found that salon workers initially provided beauty services for their customers, and then forced them to take loans on expensive products.

Two intermediaries offered Roman Goltzman to assist in closing the criminal case, and also promised to help with the release of his employees, Roman Allaev and Oksana Kiykova. However, the businessman got suspicious and invited FSB officers to the meeting, where the transfer of money would take place.

The transaction occurred in 2015 in the Ierusalim restaurant. As a result, the FSB officers detained two of the problem solvers red-handed, Vadim Ogandzhov and Alexander Lazarev.

More recently, security officials managed to detain the third and the main suspect, Yuri Vasilyev.

It is noteworthy that Yuri Vasiliev had already received an advance payment for his services, which amounted to 900 thousand rubles. The money was transferred at the premises of a certain bank.



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