Billionaire Obid Yasinov arrested on suspicion of fraud

Billionaire Obid Yasinov arrested on suspicion of fraud
Obid Yasinov

His company could not transfer 400 apartments to the co-investors of the Rosgvardiya construction.

Billionaire Obid Yasinov is detained in Moscow on suspicion of fraud on an especially large scale. The investigation believes that the 65-year-old co-owner and head of Mosstroymekhanizatsiya-5 (MCM-5) CJSC committed fraud, as a result of which Rosgvardiya officers did not receive the 400 apartments. According to RBC, Head of Rosgvardiya Viktor Zolotov addressed the Ministry of Internal Affairs personally.

The billionaire was summoned for interrogation, after which he was detained, a criminal case was initiated against him under part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling on an especially large scale). The investigator appealed to the Tverskoy court with a petition for his arrest; the defense was against it. As a result, Yasinov is placed under house arrest.

Yasinov's lawyer believes that there is no corpus delicti in the case, and it is just a dispute under civil law.

According to the media, apartments in the residential complex Leonovsky Park, in the construction of which Rosgvardiya participated, are subject to the criminal case. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Yasinov was supposed to transfer 1600 apartments to Rosgvardiya until 2016, where officers of the department were to take up residence. However, Yasinov did not fulfill his obligations.

The construction of Leonovsky Park began in 2003, the co-investors of the development were the company Social Initiative and the Social Protection Fund Veteran.

For the first time, the construction was frozen after head of the Social Initiative company Nikolay Karasev was jailed for ten years. After that, the construction was transferred to the company Mosstroymehanizatsiya-5, which also failed to commission the facility. Director of the construction complex Marat Husnullin said in the fall of 2014 that the company had difficulties in fulfilling its contractual obligations to the city. In the spring of the following year, the Moscow Arbitrazh Court received a petition to recognize Mosstroymehanizatsiya-5 bankrupt.

The claim was filed by the company Mosenergosbyt, MCM-5 owed 32.3 million rubles ($522.500).

However, other private and state companies filed a lawsuit too. Nevertheless, Mosstroymehanizatsiya-5 continues its work, in particular, the construction of Leonovsky Park. According to the source of Kommersant, the company transfers 40-50 apartments to holders monthly, and the last building is ready for 98%.



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