Bard Novikov about his case: "This is a political order from vegetable warehouse № 4 gang"

Bard Novikov about his case: "This is a political order from vegetable warehouse № 4 gang"
Alexander Novikov

The accused on charges of fraud, who pleaded not guilty, said that he found a way to return the money to shareholders.

Rested in the UAE bard Alexander Novikov, accused of fraud by 36 million rubles, returned to Ekaterinburg. Today, 19 January, he organized a press conference for journalists, the main theme of which was his prosecution.

So, Novikov answered on journalists' question whether he was going to disappear abroad that "Russian scaffold is sweeter." As the CrimeRussia previously reported, placed under house arrest suspect traveled to the United Arab Emirates in the first week of 2017. Novikov insisted that his trip was agreed with the investigating authorities. According to, the accused held talks with businessman Alibek Isaev, who could become a new investor for Bukhta Kvins.

In addition, he said that he found a way by which shareholders of the cottage village would be able to get their money back.

"There are four potential investors, one of them is Alibek Isaev, the cost of completing the project is 1.5 billion rubles," - said Novikov.

Once again, he stated, "there is no evidence of a crime on Bukhta Kvins."

"This is a political order on the part of a group of persons from vegetable warehouse № 4, there is also [Larisa] Assonova. I am the Governor’s friend, and he is my friend, and they want to sow doubt among us," said the bard.

The conflict between top manager of vegetable warehouse № 4 Ivan Obukhov and Alexander Novikov broke through the possession of land allotment in the Sysert district, the Sverdlovsk Region. The warehouse’s management has long been hatched a plan to move the company from the Zavokzalnaya Street. The ill-fated 600 hectares are assets of Svetoyar, the main owner of which is Alexander Novikov. But negotiating the purchase Ivan Obukhov began not with the bard, but with director with the right signatures (at that time) of Svetoyar Larisa Assonova. Negotiations were so successful that in 2015 the parties shook hands on it without notifying Novikov. In this incident at the end of 2015 a criminal case was initiated under part 3 of Article 30 of the Criminal Code and part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code (Attempted Swindling on an especially large scale).

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, Aleksandr Novikov and his business partner Mikhail Shilimanov had been accused of fraud. The musician is charged with embezzlement of 36 million rubles from shareholders of Buhta Kvins cottage settlement, with his partner’s slightly larger sum of 41 million rubles. The criminals affected 65 shareholders. A criminal case was initiated under the article Swindling on a large scale in November 2015. In 2011, the shareholders invested about 150 million rubles in the construction of cottage houses, which then were transferred to accounts of the alleged fraudsters. The construction of the cottage settlement was suspended indefinitely.



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