Bankrupt Evrositibank: hole amounting to $155 million

Bankrupt Evrositibank: hole amounting to $155 million

The Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) announced the results of the inventory of the bankrupt credit institution’s property.⁠

The Deposit Insurance Agency published a report on the carrying out of inventory of Evrositibank’s property. As follows from the DIA’s report, specialists discovered the shortage in the amount of 9.15 billion rubles ($155 million).

The major share of these funds is designated as loans to legal entities - 3.9 billion rubles, an additional 2.3 billion rubles listed as individuals’ loans. In addition, the audit revealed securities and fixed assets, unaccounted in the Evrositibank’s balance sheet accounts.

Recall, in 2016 the Bank of Russia revoked the license of Evrositibank. The Central Bank pointed out that the credit institution lost its solvency and ceased virtually its operations. Later, the controller informed about the possible theft in the institution. So, the commission of the Central Bank did not discover documents on Evrositibank’s loans totaling 5.1 billion rubles. At the same time there were contracts of assignment of the rights for loans in favor of technical company in the amount of 1.4 billion rubles. In September, the bank was declared bankrupt.



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