Baltstroy suspected of fraud during construction works on Red Square

Baltstroy suspected of fraud during construction works on Red Square

Investigators conduct an examination for the overestimation of prices and workloads.

As part of the investigation of embezzlement during the reconstruction of the presidential residence in Novo-Ogaryovo (the Baltstroy case), investigators check a rebuilding of Red Square, Rosbalt reports citing its sources in law enforcement agencies.

It is reported that an audit of the 'Red Square, 5' object, which was reconstructed by Baltstroy, is being carried out. Investigators are looking for possible overstatement of prices and scope of work at the facility. Such violations were identified in the case of the repair of the Novo-Ogaryovo residence. Also, the company's expertise is being carried out at the Vorobyovy Gory objects, where the receptions houses for leaders of other countries visiting Moscow are located, and Gorki-9, where the residence of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation is to be built. Also, Baltstroy carried out works under the secret state contract for the repair of the towers and walls of the Kremlin.

Currently, the defendants of the Baltstroy case are charged with the Novo-Ogaryovo count. Former head of FSUE FSO ATEKS Andrey Kaminov, co-owner of Baltstroy Dmitry Sergeev and company's managers Stanislav Kuener and Dmitry Torchinsky were arrested. In September, Kaminov, Torchinsky and Kuener arrests will fall in. A month before, the investigators will have to transmit the investigation materials to the accused for review. However, the ICR will not meet these deadlines, Rosbalt reports. The accused can be arrested again if the audit reveals new thefts. Then the counts will be separated, a new case will be initiated, and Kaminov and Baltstroy employees will be arrested already within the framework of these cases. The Supreme Court, however, recognized this practice as unfounded and prohibited investigators to use these "tricks."

It is also reported that during the hearings on the prolongation of Kaminov's arrest, a representative of the Prosecutor General's Office said that the investigation had concluded that high-ranking FSO officers were involved in the theft. They are planned to be brought to criminal liability. Earlier, the ICR had a version that a criminal group that was headed by employees of Baltstroy was created for fraud. At present, no charges have been brought against FSO employees.

Employees of Baltstroy signed plea deals, due to which they can receive suspended sentences. Defendants of the embezzlement case for the restoration of the Ministry of Culture's facilities also cooperated with the investigation, which left them at large. In the case of the embezzlement of funds allocated for the reconstruction of the Hermitage, the only guilty employee of Baltstroy was the executive director of the company, Alexander Kochenov, who pleaded guilty and got a suspended sentence.



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