Austria suspects Russian businessman in money laundering

Austria suspects Russian businessman in money laundering
Once successful businessmen Valery Izraylit and Dmitry Mikhalchenko. Currently both are under arrest

Valery Izraylit siphoned off money to Austria.

Former chairman of the Ust-Luga Port board of directors Valery Izrailyt's arrest was prolonged until May 20, 2018. In October, he was finally charged with especially large-scale Swindling (Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), Money Laundering (Article 174.1 of the Criminal Code) and Withdrawal of Funds to Accounts of Non-Residents using false documents (Article 193.1 of the Criminal Code), Fontanka reports. At the same time, a lawsuit was filed against the businessman for damages in the amount of 3.639 billion rubles ($62.5m). The company Spetsmornefteflot Ust-Luga belonging to Transneft is declared as the claimant.

The FSB is investigating the case of Izraylit. At the moment 123 volumes of materials have been collected. The FSB also finds out about close ties between the businessman and European countries. In particular, it found Izraylit's assets in Italy, real estate in London, as well as accounts in foreign banks. According to the investigation, the ex-head of the port laundered money through Austrian banks. Interpol of this country initiated a criminal case over money laundering. Funds were transferred to foreign banks using forged documents.

It is noted that Izraylit should not be afraid of persecution in Europe: as a rule, Russia does not extradite its citizens. However, the assets of a businessman might be reversed in favor of countries in which they are deposited. In this regard, it is likely that domestic creditors of Izraylit will not be able to receive the invested funds back. Currently, the Arbitrazh Court of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region considers the claim of the Baltic Investment Bank on the bankruptcy of the former head of Ust-Luga Port. The insolvency officer will set about his foreign assets, but the chances of their inclusion in the bankruptcy asset are minimal.

Valery Izraylit himself does not admit his guilt. The FSB explained the prolongation of his arrest alog of the ties and wealth of the businessman. The siloviki believe that at large he will be able to flee the country or take advantage of his ties in state structures to avoid responsibility.



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